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Jayden is one hot male dancer who is always talked about and is always invited back .With his high energy and that "Big Smile"and of course that real hot fit body, why wouldn't you want to have him at your next show! Jayden has a great "Six Pack" you will take a double take at his "Ripped up Abs". Jayden is Mr. Charisma himself. Real fun. This "Hot Male Dancer" will keep your party going. Jayden is German, Italian and Japanese. In his hour he will Liv-in up the crowd in his his up to date costumes, and dance for guests and present game time. So, when booking that once in a lifetime party and you want a dancer with a "Hot Young fit body" and a great attitude to go with, then "Jayden" is your pick.

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Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Wt: 195
Ht: 6'1
Age 25